Bannertainment.co provides an entertaining search interface to a gigantic database of over 300,000 Movies and 40,000 TV Series. Website operators can implement free banner widgets on their websites to provide a fun and engaging user experience. The three banner widget themes are “TV Time Machine”, “Movie Time Machine” and “Where 2 Watch 4 Free”. Search results are in a presented in a media-rich, interactive pop-up page that engages users to discover, view, and share TV and movie content.

Bannertainment widgets are free to implement. They increase the average time users spend on the host site and the frequency of return visits. Your choice of three, mobile compatible banner sizes (160×600, 300×250, 320×50) and infinitely configurable color themes. We’ll email monthly reports to you detailing the number of searches, IP addresses, country, search parameters, daily distribution for only $9.00/month/banner.

Its free and easy!

First, go to https://www.2oobz.com and create a free user account. Then go to bannertainment.co and click the “Order” <https://2oobz.com/bannerGenerator/index.php/login/loginPage> button. This will take you to the Banner Generator. Enter your 2oobz User Name and Password to access the Admin page.

Next, Click on the blue “Generate Your Bannner” button and select a banner Type (“TV Time Machine”, “Movie Time Machine” or “Where 2 Watch 4 Free”), choose a banner size (160×600, 300×250, 320×50) and click the “Generate” button.

Then click on the blue “Edit” button and select your color scheme: Header Background, Header Text, Content Background, Content Heading Text, Animation Text, Button Background and Button Text. click “Update”. This will generate a unique “Script Method” for your banner (such as https://2oobz.com/index.php/bannerController/getBannerLink/524/where_to_watch/320_50).

Finally, cut and paste the Banner Script at the bottom of the Banner Generator page into an html editor. Copy the Script Method for your banner and paste it into the Banner Script where it reads ‘GET_SCRIPT_METHOD’. Then copy the entire Banner Script with the Script Method you generated into your website html code.

Repeat this process to upload additional banner types and styles to your website.